About Me...


I'm Jodie (and that's Gordon), and I'm the owner of Jojefo Creations.

I started painting pictures of houses and buildings for friends and family during the Covid outbreak in 2020. I've always enjoyed painting, but when I had more time on my hands during the pandemic, I decided to use that time to launch Jojefo Creations and start painting commercially. Whatever free time Gordon doesn't occupy, is now used for painting!

I enjoy all types of painting, but have developed a fascination for buildings and architecture. I also prefer to use watercolour, but in a slightly more bold way than usual. Typically, I combine watercolour with art pens, which really makes the detail stand out. Although not traditional, I like this combination and feels it gives me my own style.

Although most of my work is currently taken up by building portraits, I can be commissioned for all types of artwork. A wider range of my work can be found on my Social Media profiles at the bottom of this page.


Feel free to browse the site and get in touch with any questions or for a quote. I look forward to hearing from you!